What is Raffle BTC?

Raffle BTC is a website where You can have some fun buying raffle slots for a chance to win big prizes for little amount of BTC!

How can I play and how to play in it?

When You register in our website you'll get a BTC wallet where You can deposit any amount to start playing! When Your deposit has at least 3 confirmations in the blockchain, your funds will be available to buy slots. To play, you choose any raffle You want and check the slots' price, if You have enough balance in your wallet then You can buy it and wait for the raffle to finish, so if you're the lucky one, the prize will be credited in your wallet immediately and will be ready to be withdrawn!

How many slots each Raffle has?

The number of slots will vary for each Raffle. One can have 3 slots and other can have 1500+. The greater the number of slots the cheaper those are.

How many slots I can buy per Raffle?

As many as You want, there's no limit on how many slots You can buy. Let's say You wanna buy 90% of the slots, so You'll have 90% chance of winning the raffle.

How can I be sure that the website is not rigged?

We use the random.org API to generate a fair random number which will be the raffle winner. The number will be generated immediately after the last slot is bought. Then in the raffle page You'll be able to check the winner and click on "verify" button. This will take you to random.org website where You can check the generated result and confirm that it was actually generated by them.

What is BTC?

Bitcoin(BTC) is a cryptocurrency and You can know all about it on wikipedia by going to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bitcoin

Is there any way I can earn money with raffle BTC?

Of course! When You are logged in, you'll see a "create raffle" option in the navigation bar. When You create your own Raffle, you will receive it's link so You can invite anyone to play in it. Once the Raffle is finished You will be credited in your wallet by 5% of the website's commission.

How much is 5% of website's commission?

Usually it is up to 1.25% of the Raffle's prize. For example: if You create a 1 BTC prize Raffle, when it finishes You should be credited with up to 1.25% * 1.00000000 BTC = 0.01250000 BTC. Sometimes it can be lower.

How long will I have to wait before withdrawing my Raffle's commission?

Immediately after the Raffle is finished, the commission will be credited in your wallet and You'll be able to withdraw it, there's no wait!

Do I have to deposit before I can create a Raffle?

Not at all! Doesn't matter if You just registered and created a Raffle, You will be able to withdraw Your commission as soon as the Raffle is finished and there's no limit on how many commissions You can receive.